Intel SW RAID Driver (iswraid) for 2.4 Linux kernels

This driver is for 2.4 series kernels. If you are looking for Intel RAID metadata support in a 2.6 series kernel, it is provided by dmraid. Here is a link to one of the announcements from its author.

If you are looking for a FreeBSD driver supporting Intel RAID metadata, here is a link to it.

Documentation about this driver is included with its releases, in file Documentation/iswraid.txt.

Everything related to this driver is best found from the project summary page. For example, there have been some file releases, the project does use the CVS services where you can find the latest and best released source code and there are discussion forums where no question is considered too dumb (and at the same time an excerpt from the kernel log showing iswraid startup and the contents of /proc/iswraid/* files, if available, are expected).

A few more links to related software and patches: